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I got the idea for this website years ago while I was driving on some endless Texas highway with a friend. I got a few calls while we were in the car, all of which happened to be people asking me for information. “Where should I stay in Rio?” “Have you seen any chic white cocktail dresses good for a last minute wedding?” “What’s a stylish gift for a baby shower?” “Where do I get the best cupcakes?” After overhearing these phone calls, my friend looked at me and said, “You’re like a concierge to the world.”

I’ve been a journalist for many years, so I have tons of files… some literal, in notebooks, and some figurative in my head. I also have a lot of friends—other journalists as well as editors, artists, designers, musicians, photographers, jet-setters, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and just all around fun, fashionable, smart people who constantly provide me with little gems of information. I always wanted to keep all of my favorite “files” in one place, so the result is this website. Now instead of ringing me up or emailing, anyone can just search this site for the life content I’ve collected. And although I’m located in Dallas, the information is as global as possible, with Dallas probably getting slightly more attention since it’s what I know best.

The 12 icons correspond with 12 categories of information, which is how you can search the site. Everything I post will be featured on the home page, with the most recent posts on top. You can also click on the icon (or category) you are interested in, and the site will redirect you to only the entries that fall in that category. Some entries may fall under more than one category.

ADORN – fashion, jewelry, accessories

TASTE – food related entries (restaurants, recipes, etc.)

NEST – home décor & entertaining

ROAM – hotels & travel related entries

NURTURE – baby & kids stuff

MUSE – arts entries (galleries, artists, shows, films, music, books, etc.)

GIVE – gift ideas

NOURISH – health & fitness

SHINE – beauty products & services

CHILL – massage, meditation, relaxation

PRESERVE – Earth-friendly

BUBBLE – I am a big fan of champagne, so this icon is my extra category which features the best places to stop what you are doing for a glass of champagne and some fun. It will also feature other bubbles of information all related to champagne and to celebrating life.

Life Content is not meant to be trendy or to report on only the newest hotel, hippest restaurant, etc. There are plenty of sources for that, and I think most people, including me, are too busy to keep up with all of that anyway. Plus, I don’t like to have a lot of stuff. There’s way too much merchandise to consume in the world when we should be preserving our resources. Recession or no recession, I am a huge believer that it’s better to have a few things and experiences that you absolutely love than to just fill your life with “stuff.” Therefore, this website features selective content for life—things and places and experiences that I think other people will love, no matter what the subject, price, or when it made its debut.

Enjoy and…!

—Courtney Dreslin Sinelli


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